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Fruiting Body vs Mycelium

Many products on the market are mycelium-based and have added grains and fillers (which have no medicinal benefits). 

We only use 100% fruiting body mushrooms in our products, this way you’re getting 8-10x more nutrients vs the average mushroom supplement. 

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Quality Without the Markup

We started Bloomable so that natural supplements can be truly affordable without compromising on quality.

Bloomable is an average 40% more affordable compared to other brands by keeping our design and packaging simple and relying on our quality rather than marketing. Plus, we own our supply chain which means not only do we minimize unnecessary markups but we are able to be fully transparent on sourcing.

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Bloomable is here to support you during your natural wellness journey.

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From coffee to hot cacao, our superfoods are not only delicious but good for you too.

A little bit about Bloomable...

Bloomable was started by my mom in 2019. Originally from Siberia, Russia, surrounded by the rich cultural tradition of medicinal mushrooms, she has always been inspired by nature's ability to heal and strengthen. Our guiding light is creating simple, high quality natural products that are accessible to everyone.

- Natalie

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